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Tutorial: How to stencil a t-shirt


How to make your own band T-shirt

I’ve already made these


Some of you have asked how I did these, so I’ll share my knowledge. :)

It’s not hard at all, but you’ve got to have some patience and be a little creative


What you need:

-       -   A plain, light colored t-shirt (white, grey, light blue, pink, anything) make sure it’s cotton! For all the Belgians/Dutch: you can get really good and cheap t-shirts at hema (5-6 euro’s)

-      -    A pen to write on fabrics. You can get this at any hobbyshop. I always use black but you can use any colour really. You could also use spraypaint or acrylics. I’ve never tried it before so you might want to do a test with that first!

-       -   A sheet of A4 sticker paper. !! make sure you can print on it and that it isn’t shiny!!

-        -  A cutter knife

-         - A carton

-          -Some tape/ some clothespins


1)      Choose the image you want. Look for an image with a lot of shading or contoures like this:

If you are using a real picture, you can always check if it is useable. Just change the colours in word to black and white


Not good:   


Doing this gives you a little hint of how your shirt will look, so it’s good to always check


I’m going to use this one:

  and I’m going to try and do a little ol’ greggy in the corner  

2)      Print out the image on your sticker sheet.  You can print it in black and white or in grey. Better no colour because it’s really hard to see dark from light with colour. ALSO CHECK IF IT’S THE RIGHT SIZE!!

3)      Cut out the dark parts

I’ve already done Vince, now doing Howard:

It doesn’t have to be all perfect, just the big black bits must be cut out.

   or cut out the white parts. Cut out what you want drawn on your tee.

double check by turning it over, it shows you how it’ll look:

4)      !!Put the carton between the two layers of your tee.  Secure it with the tape/ clothespins. We don’t want it to press through on the back.

5)      Pull the sticker off and put it on your tee. Make sure you’ve checked where to put your image!

don’t forget the spare bits!!

6)      Now colour in the  parts you’ve cut out. (if you are using praypaint, make sure everything is covered except the parts you’ve cut out!

7)      Make sure it’s all nice and dark!

8)      Pull off the sticker (fun part!)

9)      Read the instructions on the pen. It’s possible that you’ve got to wash/iron/dry the tee before wearing!!

10)   Done!!

Tip: If I do a bandtee I always use a picture and the bandname and I like to put my favourite lyrics on there too. Just be creative and if you’re not sure do a test first on some spare fabric!

Don’t hesitate to ask me if something is not clear

if you find any spelling errors or misused words, please tell me!!


Liesbet (lieser)

Questions people have asked:

Q: Does the paint fade?

A: It’s best to use a new pen. I did my first tee with one I’ve found lying around the house and after a couple times of washing it turned grey. It still looked ok, but it’s better to use a new one. You can also be extra safe and handwash it :)